Saturday, 5 March 2011

Re location!

I took a one year break since I started my blog due to work commitments.

Since me and my family are re locating to a bigger city, all I have been thinking of is houses, interiors, colour combos, curtains, blinds, crockery and Ceramic painting! I've never painted on Ceramics but all of a sudden I have this urge to learn how to paint on Ceramic crockery. Most of us have lots and lots of ideas and dreams which we want in our homes but not many of us have the time and energy to put in. The good part is I won't be working for a good 4 months atleast after we move which would hopefully give me the time to concentrate on my new home. :-) As of now, I'm dreaming on!! :-)
Will upload some of the interiors of my current home as memories :(


  1. :D...that ceramic painting thing made me laugh.It's not cos u wrote something funny,it coincide with my experinece here. You know what, like you,all of a sudden i too got an urge to paint,not ceramic, but canvas. I also went and bought not one but 4 canvas, paint and brushes.....and i dint even open them:D...

  2. yo have been in that home for quite a long time now alley...

  3. Thanks for the comments Shabs...:-D