Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Wallpaper on your wall will add more drama to your room or hallway. Especially the Vertical ones as seen in the pic (Indo-Chin bought from a wallpaper store in Swansea)will give more height to the wall. Big bold prints which grow upwards also does the same job. Lighting plays an important role as well to enhance the look. If the wall is facing a window which gives direct sunlight or even spotlights can give it a classy look.

Washable printed wallpapers are suitable for all interiors, including well-ventilated kitchens and bathrooms.Vinyl wallpapers can be easily washed with a damp cloth. www.wallpapercentral.co.uk have a wide range of pretty looking wallpapers.

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  1. i like the way u write zabi....Girl, u know stuffs!